Make it: Easy Earring Storage

I recently became obsessed with earrings. Which was kind of strange, as I hadn’t worn earrings with any regularity since college. Which was a long long time ago.


BUT, I decided to be an earring-wearer once again, and began to amass earrings. Local artisans, Etsy-ites, earrings found in cute local boutiques. My earring collection grew exponentially, but I had no real way to organize them.


Pinterest helped, as Pinterest is wont to do. I was going to make a chicken-wire-and-old-picture-frame earring board, but stumbled on this cork board in the perfect size at the thrift shop, so was inspired this way.


My bin of ribbons came in very handy, and in just a few short minutes, voila! I was even able to utilize one of the vintage doilies that were handed down from mothers, grand and great.


I am now the proud owner of a lovely earring display board for all of my very lovely earrings.


I love it when a plan comes together!


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