What’s round on the sides and HI in the middle?



I had a stellar time in the heart of it all, visiting family and having so much fun that barely any photos were snapped. Lots of catching up, laughs, hugs and yummy food. The time with my sweet nieces was particularly special – I don’t get the chance to see them that often, and spending so much quality time with them was really something.

I also was able to spend a bit of time in Bedford, Ohio, the place I went to high school. My grandfather was very involved in the Bedford Historical Society, and was one of the driving forces behind much of the beauty of downtown Bedford. The museum particularly holds warm memories for me – if I close my eyes, I can still smell and feel it.



And then there was T’Nae, otherwise known at The National Needleworks Association trade show. This was my second time going with Lorajean from the Knitted Wit, and once again, it was more fun that one should have while working one’s arse off.


The booth was gorgeous.


There was a tent made of swatches.


And gigantic felted dinosaurs and dragons.


And, of course, there was knitting. So much sock knitting. (Not to mention an alcoholic slushy – yum!) Knitted Wit Victory Sock for the win, folks – if you haven’t knitted with this sock yarn yet, it’s time. This stuff is amazing. If only it were cool enough to wear socks. But, they’ll keep until the Fall.

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