Mossy Bark Shawlette update

This past weekend, I brushed my hair, put some mascara on, plugged the girls in, grabbed Stefan and ran outside to re-shoot some of my older patterns, and today, I’m sharing the Mossy Bark Shawlette with you.


This pattern was originally released as a part of the Twisted Shawlette Club, and I forgot just how much I love this pattern. The Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering is both rustic and almost delicate, and the colorway Tina came up with, Frog & Toad, is absolutely perfect.


You could easily make this into a 2-skein project, by adding more repeats, (and it will change this project from a hug to a snuggle). Believe me, redoing this in a bigger size is on my list. As is making this into a cowl. Now, if you could only see this list, you may just have to sit down.


Speaking of my list, I’ve started getting some of my knits re-made, and am looking for folks who would be interested in doing some sample knitting in exchange for yarn. If you’re one of those people, someone who has a fine attention to detail, can follow a pattern exactly as written, can honor deadlines, and likes yarn as payment, email me at Help me by both making my list shorter AND taking some of my stash!

4 comments on “Mossy Bark Shawlette update

  1. Lovely shawl and model. Still thinking about starting something but have been reading instead. Waiting for a knitting project from you to get me going again.

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