Knit them: Crimson & Clover

I am so happy to have re-blocked and re-photo’d Crimson & Clover. Now that both of my samples are re-blocked, I’ve been wearing them like crazy, and they sure are fabulous.


First, there’s the song: I love Joan Jett’s version of Crimson & Clover the best, because, well, because Joan Jett. We’ve been rocking a lot of ladies lately – Joan Jett, Dolly Parton (I don’t think a universe exists in which I can hear Islands in the Stream too many times), Pat Benatar, just to name a few, and there’s something about Joan. She’s one of the original rockers, and I admire her so much. Plus, you feel like singing and pumping your fists when listening to her music.


Second, there’s the yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Worthy. Oh, man, this yarn is amazing. It’s soft and has a stunning halo, and gorgeous sheen. It’s the kind of yarn that you actually NEED to have touching your skin. t

Third, there’s the pattern: two versions, stockinette or garter, and a really fun lace section at the end. The rates of increase are a bit different than more traditional triangular shawlettes, which makes for long, long arms to wrap and wrap around your neck. I really like wearing them with the arms tied off to the side, just a little bit, too.

up close and personal

It’s a really versatile wear, too. Wrapped all around you, thrown over your shoulders, or with the arms tied off to the side, just a little bit, too.

Crimson & Clover

3 comments on “Knit them: Crimson & Clover

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  2. Shannon,
    Love the shawls….just have to tell you that Glenn and I were lucky enough to see Dolly in concert this summer and she sang “Islands in the Stream”. Magical song, thanks for reminding me of it this morning.

    • Love that, Suzanne – and, how lucky are you that you got to see Dolly perform? Talk about magical – that woman is magical :) Big hugs to you and Glenn!

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